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February 25, 2019
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The Company currently belongs to the significant transport organizers on the markets of electronic, medicine, pharmaceutical or automotive products for its world- known customers.

In the frame of CCI Group we work to the standards that are in accordance with ISO 9001:2009 – the Quality System which was introduced and is respected within the whole CCI Group.

Our target is the continuous improvement of our activities and satisfaction of our current as well as future customers. Uninterruptedly we strive to develop special effective routes, we strive to combine complexity, effectiveness and economic aspect for optimal customer service.

To cover customer orders we utilize the fleet of modern cars that counts more and more vehicles every year. The fleet is served by properly educated and regularly trained staff that fulfils all legal and professional requirements. Vehicles respond to EURO5 and EURO6 standards. The goods is routinely insured according to CMR agreement. Permanent monitoring of the vehicles through satellite navigation system allows us to eliminate any possible fault in the goods delivery process.

Correctness of the delivery service is moreover supported by the regular communication with the driver.

Each individual employee can positively influence the good name of the Inovicom and that’s why they have to fulfil parameters of responsibility, reliability, professional attitude to the job and they must be excellent drivers with added value of humanity.

We do not say we are the best but there is no fear to say that we do everything we can so that we are the best in the short time.

INOVICOM represents the joint venture of different companies at the industrial park ( in the past Tesla )in Nizna, Slovakia.


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